Your Town Unhooked

Your Town Unhooked is an umbrella campaign that allows districts and coalitions to incorporate many messages under a single unified brand.

Unhooked pertains to any of the addictions and vices we fight in our communities year in and year out. By utilizing Your Town Unhooked all creative will have a unified “look and feel” allowing for a professional presentation while freeing time and resources to affect change rather than continually creating new market messaging.


Subscribers receive a fully responsive website at [YourTown] The site includes your town’s/region’s specific prevention related data along with national statistics from our partners. Because the site is already built and proven in other markets, this turnkey web solution will be live in a matter or days versus months and for a fraction of the cost of a scratch-built web product.

Campaign Portal

As a subscriber to Your Town Unhooked you are provided access to the Campaign Portal where you will find all of the marketing parts for a successful campaign. With a secure log in your organization will have access to quarterly campaign materials including print, outdoor and digital advertising all sized for your markets specific requirements.

Digital Advertising

We live in a digital world. Luckily digital ads are standardized in regards to size across multiple platforms. As a subscriber, you will have access to new digital creative that you can send to the media outlets you choose to use in your marketing efforts.

Example Portal Access
Example Portal. Click to Enlarge.
Example Your Town Unhooked Billboard
Example for Demo Purposes ONLY. Click to Enlarge.

Print Ads

Each quarter, subscribers to Your Town Unhooked will have access to NEW print ads sized specifically for your local and regional media outlets. Traditional sizes of full page, half page, and quarter page ads are included with your subscription while custom sizes are available upon request.


Radio Spots are produced and made available to subscribers each quarter. These spots are professionally produced by Prevention Marketing and allow for each subscriber to include their individual call to action. Like all parts of the campaign, radio commercials are available on the Campaign Portal.


Outdoor media has proven to be a cost-effective method of getting messages to a large market with limited resources. Through the Campaign Portal, you will have access to a new billboard creative each quarter.

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