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Helping or Hurting is a campaign designed specifically to speak to parents and guardians. Social Hosting is a problem many of our communities face and attempt to mitigate. Helping or Hurting asks the parents this simple question utilizing common situations.

Helping or Hurting is an award-winning campaign originally designed and utilized in the Waterford Connecticut Market.


As a prevention coordinator for two separate towns over the past nine years, I have seen the struggles coalitions face in implementing the environmental strategy using the media.  As a prevention specialist, I am not familiar with the techniques used in branding a coalition or getting a prevention message out to a target population. 

Prevention Marketing has filled a niche in this area.  I began working with them as the Prevention Coordination for the Waterford Alcohol and Drug Education (WADE) Coalition for the Town of Waterford Connecticut in 2009.  Prevention Marketing took the time to meet with the WADE Coalition in order to understand the concept of prevention, the strategic prevention framework, and how marketing can be used to further the mission of the coalition.  At that time, Prevention Marketing, along with a sub-committee of parents, developed the “Helping or Hurting” campaign, which included billboards, mall banners, online ads and the website “”.  This campaign brought instant name recognition to the coalition and it’s work and created a buzz in the community from students to parents.  The campaign helped us brand our programs and ultimately helped prove our outcomes by reducing the amount of teenage alcohol use in Waterford. 

I was recently hired as the Prevention Coordinator for the Community Action for Substance Free Youth (CASFY) Coalition in Lyme – Old Lyme Connecticut and one of the first things I did was contact Prevention Marketing to build a custom website and help the coalition with its’ branding.  Prevention Marketing has a unique understanding of the prevention message, the goals of underage substance use prevention, and how to get the message out to youth and their families in a way that brings results.

I highly recommend Prevention Marketing.  They are proactive and results driven and they allow me to spend more time with the coalition developing and implementing other strategies while Prevention Marketing handles all of my marketing needs. “

– Christine Poscich, Prevention Coordinator. Community Action for Substance Free Youth


Subscribers will be a part of a fully responsive website at The site includes your town’s/region’s specific prevention related data along with national statistics from our partners. The site will launch Q2 and is currently in production. is fully integrated into all campaign elements of End the List at a fraction of the cost of a scratch-built web product.

Campaign Portal

With your subscription to Helping or Hurting you are provided access to the Campaign Portal where you will find all of the marketing parts of a successful campaign. With a secure log in your organization will have access to quarterly campaign materials including print, outdoor and digital advertising which are all sized for your market’s specific requirements.


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Example Helping or Hurting Advertisement
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Print Ads

Each quarter, subscribers to Helping or Hurting will have access to NEW print ads sized specifically for your local and regional media outlets. Traditional sizes of full page, half page, and quarter page ads are included with your subscription while custom sizes are available upon request.

Digital Advertising

We live in a digital world. Luckily digital ads are standardized in regards to size across multiple platforms. As a subscriber, you will have access to new digital creative that you can send to the media outlets you choose to use in your marketing efforts.


Radio Spots are produced and made available to subscribers each quarter. These spots are professionally produced by Prevention Marketing and allow for each subscriber to include their individual call to action. Like all parts of the campaign, radio commercials are available on the Campaign Portal.


Outdoor media has proven to be a cost-effective method of getting messages to a large market with limited resources. Through the Campaign Portal, you will have access to a new billboard creative each quarter.

Example Helping or Hurting Billboard
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