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Gambling Awareness Month

No one becomes addicted to gambling before placing their first bet and for many, March Madness is that gateway into a gambling disorder.

With March Madness comes Gambling Awareness Month. The AGA estimates that 70 million Americans will fill out a bracket for March Madness and more than 9 billion dollars are made each year (Source: National Council On Problem Gambling)

This one month campaign allows you to take home an off-the-shelf message about the risks of gambling and the need to seek help if you are struggling.

Print Ads

The print ads are ready to go and will be emailed to you before you leave the CADCA conference so that work can begin immediately in preparation for Gambling Awareness Month. Print ads are sized specifically for your local and regional media outlets. Traditional sizes of full page, half page, and quarter page ads are included with your subscription while custom sizes are available upon request.

Digital Advertising

We live in a digital world. Luckily digital ads are standardized in regards to size across multiple platforms. The Gambling Awareness Month package has every size ad you need to satisfy the technical requirements of your digital media outlet.

Example Gambling Awareness Advertisement
Example for Demo Purposes ONLY. Click to Enlarge.
Example Gambling Awareness Billboard
Example for Demo Purposes ONLY. Click to Enlarge.


Radio Spots are produced and made available to subscribers each quarter. These spots are professionally produced by Prevention Marketing and allow for each subscriber to include their individual call to action. Like all parts of the campaign, radio commercials are available on the Campaign Portal.


Outdoor media has proven to be a cost-effective method of getting messages to a large market with limited resources. Before you arrive home a billboard treatment will be in your inbox ready to go to our outdoor media company.